Sunday, April 09, 2006


So I heard the other day that a few of you were having trouble posting comments to the blog. Mom has emailed me my own blog several times, and while this is entertaining, I know that's not what she's trying to do. Let me do a brief tutorial to clear up any confusion.

Do you see the bottom of the post? It should say posted by Alexis at whatever time, x comments, and then an envelope icon.

The envelope icon does NOT post a comment. It emails the blog entry to whoever you want. To leave a comment, click on "x comments". A little box will pop up and you can put in your comment. Your choices for leaving your name are your blogger id, other, and anonymous. I'm assuming most of you (my relatives) don't have a blogger id. If you click on other, you can put in a name for yourself (like "Mom"). If you click anonymous, I have no way of knowing who commented unless you put your name in the BODY of the comment.

There. I explained it, Mom, all better now? lol

I'm kind of tired and a little hungry too. My host parents are going to be here tonight so I have to wait for them to eat. It's now 8pm and no sign of dinner yet. Guess I'll just keep typing until they call me.

I actually went on an artist's date today!! I haven't done one in so long. And this was something that was totally out of the ordinary for me. I took my sketchbook, some pens, and some colored pencils and went to the jardin du luxembourg, where I sat for almost an hour sketching ponies. In almost all of the gardens in Paris, and also on the lawn in front of the Eiffel tower, there are strings of poor ponies tied together, waiting for some little French kid to see them and then beg their parents (the kid's parents, not the ponies, mind you) for a ride. They charge an arm and a leg for the rides, but there's always a line. Today they had 2 strings of 5 ponies each. Actually, they weren't all ponies, there were a couple donkeys in there too. The poor things, they looked so sad and forlorn and just stood there staring off into space while they waited for the next batch of screaming children to be deposited on their backs.

So I drew them.

The sketches are pretty much awful. I discovered how difficult it is to draw an object that is constantly moving, even if it's not moving a lot. A slight shift of the legs, turning the head ever so slightly, and the perspective that I was so carefully sketching out no longer exists.

I would've liked to spend more time drawing in the gardens, but I was getting frustrated by the movement of the ponies. I would've drawn some trees or flowers or something, but the gardens weren't especially pretty. It was also windy. But mostly, I was getting greatly discouraged by my lack of skill.

I resolved to get better.

When I came back I googled "learn to draw" and found a website that's mean to help elementary school art teachers do their lesson plans. I can tell you that I succesfully completed four lessons meant to refine a 10 year old's technique. Woohoo. It was fun, though. I've never really been taught about perspective and vanishing points and all that fun stuff. I know the general concepts, but as far as applying those to a drawing? Yeah right. So yes, the site was helpful and I occupied myself for several hours doing that.

Guess what? I'll tell you...Mom's coming on Tuesday!! Yay!! I made up a pretty detailed itinerary including where we're going to eat and the prices of all the places I want to take her. Yeah, it's gonna be an expensive week, I'm not gonna lie. But it'll be FABULOUS. I'm especially looking forward to Wednesday night. Since my host mom is gone on a business trip all week, she won't be here to put on a dinner for me and Mom like she did for me and Will. Guillaume absolutely cannot cook, so he's taking me and Mom out to eat. It should be an extremely entertaining dinner, especially if he wants her to try different French foods. I have a sneaky suspicion he's going to take us to the most typically Parisian bistro he can think of and make her try escargot. I'm going to tell him not to, because I want to be the one to make her eat snails. haha. But anyway, it'll be a a good week. The only thing I'm disappointed about is that the trip to the D-Day beaches fell through. The train ticket prices went up, we would've had to rent a car, it's a long ways just got too complicated and expensive. I'm just going to go to the train website on Tuesday. That's when they post special 50% off fares good for that week. I'll pick a random destination, hopefully somewhere south of here, and that's where we'll go on Thursday. Who knows where we'll end up? It'll just be for the day because we already have the HILTON booked for the whole week she's here, just in case you forgot about that.

Yes, it'll be amazing.

If I don't starve to death before she gets here. Where is my dinner??? Haha just kidding, I'm in no danger of wasting away. I wish I were a *little* but closer, but I'll settle for being more toned. And I'm getting there! I did yoga twice today. I really impressed myself. My arms are totally getting stronger. Every time I do yoga, I do about 20-25 pushups in the course of the practice. For a girl who's never really done pushups, that's a lot. But it's been getting easier and I could swear that my arms are slightly more muscle-y now. Not too much, don't worry, Will. Female bodybuilders frighten me - I have no desire to look like them. It would just be nice not to be a size XL when I buy anything here.

Seriously, in France I am an EXTRA LARGE. Can I just say how ridiculous that is? But looking around, it's true. I'm bigger than almost every single woman that I see (except the pregnant ones, but that's kind of a hollow victory). It only bothers me when I go to buy clothes. But I don't feel like ranting about that right now, I'd rather focus my energies on praying that dinner will be ready soon.

No word yet on the job I applied for...and no idea when I'll have word. But I'll keep you all posted, no worries.


Blogger Margie said...

LOL Alexis!! I totally understand the XL thing!! I am a small or 2-4 in US and here I have to wear a large-not that I shop in these places though!! I gave up!! My daughter and I looked online at the store-oh so cute clothes!! We want to go to Budapest to shop before we go to the states. She wants clothes that are from here so noone else will have them. Have a blast with your Mom :)

8:37 AM  
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