Wednesday, March 29, 2006


A day off seems like a lot of time, doesn't it? On Tuesday, my Wednesdays seem like a gloriously large amount of time in which I can accomplish absolutely everything I want.


That only works if you get out of bed before 10am. But really, 10am was good considering that I didn't get to bed til 3. You saw that post lol. I spent what was left of the morning working on my new blog. It's not up yet (well actually it is, but it's not done so you can't have the address), but hopefully it will be within the next two weeks or so. I'm setting up a new blog over at Typepad. I like blogger but there are a lot of things that I want to be able to do that a) I just can't do because I don't know enough HTML or b) I can do but it takes me literally a whole Saturday to figure it out because I don't know enough HTML. Typepad just makes things a lot easier. And although I enjoy spending a whole day figuring out how to make a background and place it correctly on the blog, I would be saved a lot of frustration if I didn't have to mess around in the template. Enter Typepad. It's not free, unfortunately, but it's cheap enough and I enjoy blogging enough that I can justify it as a personal expense. So yes, hopefully that'll be launched in the next couple of weeks, and that's what I was working on this morning.

I finally got dressed around 12:30 and headed to school because today was LUNCH MONEY DAY! Woohoo!! It was a larger distribution that I had planned on because Kim was nice enough to give us a little extra for this weekend. Oh yes, I should mention that. This weekend we are going on an excursion en Provence. We are leaving at the butt crack of dawn on Friday morning and coming back around 8pm on Sunday. I will not be blogging this weekend unless I finish my grammar paper REALLY quickly on Sunday night, so tomorrow's post will probably be it til Monday.

But I digress again. I went to school and hung around until the person with the money showed up, then took said money and went to Monoprix and bought some highly exciting stuff, like hairspray. Yippee. After that, I walked home. Yes, I walked all the way home. I cannot take credit for the motivation. I walked more than halfway there with two of my friends. After we got to their house I continued on. All told, it took me about 2 1/2 hours. I walked from the center of Paris to the other side of the Seine. It's a long way, let me tell you, but it was highly enjoyable. The company for the first part, probably about an hour and a half but I didn't look at my watch, was awesome, and so was the rest of the time spent with my iPod. I think that counts as my artist date. Along the way I stopped in a mall-like place and found a Borders-like store. I was in the market for a sketchbook. Now, those of you who know me are probably scratching your head and going huh? What does she need a sketchbook for, she doesn't draw!

And that's where you're wrong, my friends.

Last night I found Rhonna Farrer's blog. Rhonna is an amazing digital designer, contributer over at 2Peas, and has her own product line from Autumn Leaves. I was so totally inspired by the artwork on her blog that I started doodling. Go read her blog NOW NOW NOW - it's in my blogroll. I drew for probably 2 hours last night. No masterpieces, I assure you, but it was FUN. It was hands-on creativity, something that I am severely craving right now. Man, what I wouldn't give to have my scrap supplies here right now. I feel a wicked urge to make an art journal. Anyway, drawing really helped calm that craving. I decided that I want to get better at drawing. The reason I'm not so great is because I've never really DONE it. Not since like fifth grade, anyway. And I don't know why, because I do find it fun. So I made an executive decision and bought a sketchbook.

Ok, I guess I bought more than one. I couldn't resist. The store had moleskine journals and the prices were actually pretty good. I could either buy one large journal (240 pages), or a pack of 3 (same size, 120 pages each). I went with the 3-pack. They also had MINI ones in packs of 3. I'm a sucker for anything that's cute and tiny, so I got those too. They're the perfect size for my purse or even my back pocket. I don't want to carry the large one around because that draws too much attention and at this point I'm VERY self-conscious about my drawing, but the little ones are PERFECT for doodling on the metro or writing down cool quotes and stuff like that. I also bought a pack of 18 colored pencils for a little over a euro. Not bad, huh? I was so excited to use them when I got home that I promptly filled up an entire pages with doodles. It felt good.

So why is this post titled trade-offs? Well, I chose to walk home and not take the metro, so I lost a lot of scrapping time. When I got home, I chose to call some of my family members and draw and not scrap or do work. And then I read through every single blog on my blogroll and didn't do anything constructive. At least I can truthfully say I finally finished my work BEFORE I started posting this.

Aight, that's enough for tonight. I'm peacin' out.
(What do you think, am I ghetto fabulous enough to pull off talking like that? I totally think so.)


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