Saturday, March 25, 2006

Woe is me

Here's something that will make you feel really sorry for me, the po' college stu'ent.

This is where I'm living next year with Will and two of our friends. These are the floorplans of the brand spankin' new apartments that our college is building. They're going to be ready for our class in the fall and are only open to juniors and seniors (I'll be a senior! Pick me, pick me!). There are 3 different kind of units, this one being the best choice for 4 people. In the other model, two of the bedrooms are on the ground floor, which could be problematic if somebody wanted to have people over, but someone sleeping downstairs wanted to go to bed. Anyway, there are 30 of this kind of unit. My college uses a lottery system to assign housing. Each person gets a number, and every year you get a number that's in a different bracket, i.e. one year it'll be between 1-200, another 200-400, another 400-600, or however many people are in your class. The lower the number is, the better off you are. I had sucky numbers last year and the year before, but it didn't really matter because I applied to be in substance-free housing and the people there don't have to go to room selection. But this year, the first year that I actually have to go to room number is...


Sweet. So even if EVERY SINGLE PERSON ahead of me wants the same apartment, it is mathematically impossible that we won't get one. Also, have a look at the amenities. This'll really make you feel sorry for me.

Gotta love that person photoshopped into the background. Read carefully....wireless internet!! Woohoo!! I am psyched beyond belief for these apartments. Senior year is gonna rock.

Anyway I need to go do my assignment for photo and then go food shopping. A few people are coming over for dinner and we're going to make the same fabulous salad that we had last time, avocado and all. Maybe I'll take another picture and start a series of prints about avocado salads. I'll sign them and number them and have Dad frame them and you'll all want to buy them, I'm sure. I gotta hop in the shower now, but I just wanted to gloat a little bit about my apartment for next year. Also, I just wanted to prove that this is NOT the blog of a "cranky college student," as SOME people *coughgregcough* might have said. Haha. I think overall I'm pretty happy in my posts. Pretty happy in real life, too. I know I sound cranky and whiny sometimes, but you have to consider the fact that it's all relative. I have nothing major to complain about, so I whine about the little things. Besides, I'm in France, and whining is like the national pastime or something like that.

Followed closely by setting cars on fire.

Liberté, Egalité, Flammibilité!


Blogger Margie said...

Those look like pretty cool flats!! Glad you got a good number!!! Funny how you meet over the net and as I was looking at the news I was wondering if it is affecting you or not. We have some friends in Paris and it was affecting them last time. Stay safe :)

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you have to love those pictures of the northwood apts, and the 2 year old picture of betsy sherridan (sp?) in the background! we're going to have sooooo much fun next year! ~Sarah

12:28 PM  

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