Saturday, March 11, 2006

Productive in a non-productive sort of way

That means that I'm scrapping when I should be doing other things. Bad that I'm not getting other stuff done, but good that I'm creating pages. I really like this one. I don't normally do 12x12, but it just fit. I took this picture back in November and couldn't figure out exactly what to do with it. I decided to make it inspirational. Will's mom gave me a really cute notepaper holder for my birthday that has a 3x3 space for a picture in it. I think I might print this one and stick it in there so I can see it all the time. This is probably one of my all time favorite photos that I've taken and one of my favorite quotes. Et voila!

I made the crackle background myself. The vellum squares are by Gina Miller from the Rugged Little Prince kit (available at SBB). Fonts are Zapfino and Minion.

So, what should I be doing now instead of this? Well, my photo assignment for one thing. I actually tried to do it this morning, but as soon as I got to the place where I was going to shoot, it started to rain. As soon as I walked back home, it stopped. Grr. I might try again in a while, but it's still raining right now. I HATE THIS WEATHER. It makes it pretty much impossible to do my stuff for photo. So yes, there's that to be doing. I also need to pack. I haven't done my yog aor my morning pages. I still need to do up an itinerary for this week, because I am just that OCD. There are at least 4 people I need to be emailing. I think that's it. But have I done any of those things? NoooOOooo. I've been scrapping.

Like I said. Productive in a non-productive way.

Anyway, I would like to say ta ta for now to all of you, because I will not be posting again until at least Wednesday, maybe next Saturday. I will be checking my email probably once a day, but I won't be able to post. Until then, have a fabulous week!


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