Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ah, blissful productivity

I finally scrapped tonight using one of the kits I bought for Shabby Princess' grand reopening. Are these not the most fabulous colors you have ever seen? I adore this kit. I have to say, I am very proud of this lo. I know that the "let's list adjectives about ourselves" format isn't particularly original, but I think the design is good and not too overpowering. No that's not facepaint, I took one of SP's Colorful Corners and put it on my face because, well, I just thought it looked cool like that. It was actually a mistake. I was trying to figure out where to put it and I just dropped it right in the middle of the page. I was like hey, that looks kind of cool. So I distorted it to fit the contour of my face and lowered the opacity so it wouldn't look too clownish.

Once again I did a lo with a fair amount of white space and neglected to put a background around it. Well, you're smart people, you can figure out where the lo ends and where the rest of the post begins.

Well, I'm off to bed now. I'm going to attempt to get up early tomorrow. I know I have to buy film before my photo class, but everything else that I'm thinking about doing is a "should do" rather than a "must do." We'll see how much gets done.

Oh yeah, credits. Everything is from Shabby Princess and the font is MA Fishy.


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