Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sorbonne, Schmorbonne

I had my first class at the Sorbonne today.

I should probably mention that it was also my last class. After much reflection, I have decided to drop it. Truly, it was pretty much awful this morning. Let me give you a quick list why, in no particular order:

1) It starts at 9:30. That may not seem early, but I have to get up no later than 7:30 in order to get there on time. When you're running on college time, that's early.
2) There is only one other student besides myself. That's right, ONE.
3) It's THREE HOURS LONG. That's too long even for a normal class, but it is soooo much worse when there's only one other person the prof can look at besides you. Do you have any idea how hard it is to swallow all your yawns for 3 hours straight?
4) It's boring!! I am interested in linguistics, but this class is more history than anything. Ugh.
5) The prof wants me to do what are essentially book reports every week. I'm supposed to just pick random chapters that "interest me" from the books she assigned (which I'd have to buy) and bring in summaries every week.
6) I'd have to take the exam. In French. Graded by a French professor. Considering this course doesn't count for ANYTHING (it's just elective credit), I really can't afford to have it bring down my GPA.
7) If I dropped it...I'd have no classes on Wednesdays.
8) If I dropped it...I'd have no classes on Fridays.

Let me reiterate points 7 and 8 for you just in case you missed them.


Oh yes, it'll be sweet.


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