Sunday, February 19, 2006

Nope, still don't like children

I discovered last night that although I now have a higher tolerance for small children than I used to, I still don't like them all that much. I have a lot of patience in certain areas. I can sit for hours at a time tweaking details on a scrapbook page that nobody will notice but me. That patience is not and never has been extended to small children.

Last night my host parents had a family over for dinner that they hadn't seen in a really long time. This couple has two children, ages 4 and about 1, I think. The 4 year old, Julian, really liked me. I mean, he REALLY liked me. The adults kept asking him if he was flirting with me, but he didn't understand what the word meant. He came into my room like 5 times begging me to play with him, and I couldn't say no. Considering that he is a child, he was actually pretty cute. He made me play hide and seek with his stuffed animals, which was actually mildly entertaining. If you had said to me last week, "Alexis, I bet that next week you will be crawling around your room, holding onto a stuffed rabbit, and calling out things like, 'T'es où, Monsieur Le Tigre?' (where are you, Mr. Tiger?) and 'Es-tu dans ma placard, Monsieur Le Tigre?' (are you in my closet, Mr. Tiger?)" I would've laughed in your face.

No way.
No how.
Not happening.

But I did it.
And it was kind of entertaining.

The most hilarious part of the evening was definitely when he found the "Dark Vador" (that's Darth Vador - the French can't pronounce "th" so his official French name is Dark) window cling that I have on my bulletin board. He obviously wanted it, so I told him he could have it. This is how the conversation went after that (in French, of course):

Me: Julian, you can have that if you want it.
Julian: Are you sure? You should ask Guillaume.
Me: It's mine; I don't need to ask Guillaume. You can have it.
Julian: No, it belongs to your parents (he points downstairs to where Guillaume and Alexia are).
Me: It's my gift to you. You can have it.
Julian: No, go ask your "faux parents."

I almost died laughing. Go ask your false parents. I think he said that because I had just had a conversation explaining to him that my real parents were in the States. I used the word "vrai" which also means true. So I guess that makes sense. If Mom and Dad are my true parents, then Guillaume and Alexia must be my false parents.

Any fond feelings that I had for the kids quickly went away as soon as I went to bed. The baby was sleeping in the guest room, which happens to share a wall with my room. She was coughing and crying ALL NIGHT LONG. Mon dieu. I don't think I slept more than 2 hours consecutively the whole night. Honestly Mom and Dad, I don't know how you resisted the urge to put a pillow over my face when I was little. I didn't sleep through the night til I was over a year old; I'm sure the thought must've crossed your mind. Haha joking. Sort of. lol. So rest assured, everyone: I still don't like kids and don't want to have any of my own for a long time.

And even if I do, we'll see how long they last.


Anyway, enough with that, lest somebody call the police on me or something. I made a lo today! You should look at it and be at peace and not think about screaming children anymore.

Everything is from Sara Carling's AMAZING AMAZING kit, "Authentic." You should all run straight to the Shabby Shoppe and buy it. It's so easy to work with and everything in it is just so cool. Fonts are Minion and Pierre Tryout.


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