Friday, February 10, 2006

The joys of not having class on Fridays

Or ever really, for that matter. Our real classes start on Monday. Orientation is officially, we took the exam yesterday. And today has been a blissfully free day. I slept late, cleaned my room, went to a café with Emily and Leslie, and now I have the whooooole evening to myself. My host parents aren't here, so I'm making pancakes. Unfortunately I will not be eating them with syrup, as the only syrup in the house was my gift to them and I feel weird opening it up with them not being here. So I'll be having pancakes with some amazing homemade jam that appears in my fridge from time to time. Yummy.

I also did this today.

Patterned paper is by Shabby Princess from the Shabby Mommy kit, font is CK Mindy. The background is white, so it's kind of hard to see. I was just too lazy to put a border around it before I uploaded.


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