Saturday, February 18, 2006

Cutest desktop EVER

Hi, my name is Alexis.

Hi, Alexis.

I have a problem. I'm addicted to buying digital scrapbooking supplies online.

Fortunately this is a lot less expensive than my other addiction, crack cocaine.

TOTALLY KIDDING. No seriously, my other addiction is buying paper scrapping supplies, which is a lot worse for the wallet than digital scrapping supplies. And I actually seem to be USING the digi scrapping stuff that I buy.

For example, today I went to Scrapbook Bytes and I bought Gina Miller's Build Your Own Bulletin Board Kit, Note This add on, and Perfectly Imperfect Stitches. I was so inspired that I decided to make new wallpaper for my desktop. I give you the cutest desktop EVER:

The space on the right is for my icons. Everything on the board, except the photos, obviously, is by Gina Miller. Oh, that pink and green flower is by Shabby Princess. I wanted to have something that has some of my favorite pictures of my favorite people on it. If you didn't make the cut, I'm sorry. Either I didn't have room on the board or I don't have a picture of you. Remedy that and send me one! I can't promise that I'll make a new bulletin board, but I will seriously give it some thought. Provided, of course, that I know who you are. But I don't really think any strangers will be sending me photos. At least, I sincerely hope not.

That's kind of a disturbing tangent and I'm not really going to follow it. Just look at the bulletin board and throw up if you have too, 'cause I know it's just that cute.


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