Wednesday, March 01, 2006


If you couldn't tell from my earlier post, I'm having trouble getting my work done. Translating websites into Snoop Dog-ese is infinitely more entertaining than writing exercises for grammar and fiction. I was supposed to start doing my work about an hour ago, but it hasn't happened yet. Instead of actually doing work, I figured I'd share a page I did yesterday.

Leslie had me take this picture of her wearing our dad's motorcycle goggles and leaning against the fridge in our house. She's so strange. Lol I love you, Leslie, you know that. I know the journaling isn't that creative but I didn't want to put a huge block of text there. Plus, what else can you really say about this picture? I could go into a big long thing about how she's always marched to the beat of her own drummer, blah blah blah, but I really don't think it's necessary. Everything is from Holly McCaig's kit, For the Boys. Well, except for the brads. I made those myself to match the ribbon.

On an unrelated note, I failed miserably when I went on my picture taking expedition earlier today. I set out with my heart full of hope and a backpack full of camera lenses and returned with a stomach full of McDonald's fries. It was so cold and gray. The light (what little there was) was awful, the wind was bitter, and I didn't want to be outside. I went to school for a while, played around on the internet, and then went to chez macdo with my friend. I haven't had McDonald's in a long time...I think the last time I had it was back in Germany, actually. I feel heavy now...if I have time tonight I want to do some yoga. I made a to-do list today (no, not on the computer, it was a real list) and assigned priorities to each item...for example "take shower" was a high priority, while "update blog" was a low priority. My homework was also a high priority, so it makes perfect sense that I'm posting and my work still isn't done. Oops. lol.

Artist's Way update: I've gotten back on the horse as far as the morning pages go. I did them religiously for 2 1/2 weeks, then they got really, really sporadic...write a day, skip two. Write for two days, skip a day, write half a page and stop. Also, I haven't gone on an artist's date since I went to the Pompidou Center like 3 weeks ago. But I'm going to remedy that! Sometime before the week is over I'm going to go to Sephora, have them do my makeup for free, and buy myself one item. Of course that'll probably set me back 30 euros, but we just got our lunch money today and I never spend that much on food. And plus makeup is just so fun! Not that I'm justifying this...because this is fun and it's for me and I'm going to do it! I'm just fascinated by Sephora in general. I love all the makeup displays - the colors are so enticing and the packaging is so cool. More so for the perfume bottles, but I prefer to look at the makeup. So yes, that is what I shall do for my next artist's date.

Holy cow batman, I need to do my work. If it doesn't go well...there might be another post tonight. But hopefully not.


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