Saturday, March 25, 2006

Holy productivity batman!

I got soooooo much done today and I am so proud of myself. It's late and I'm tired so I'll just give you a quick list:

called Mom and Dad
called Gram
called Mom and Dad again to let them know that I'm not as scummy a granddaughter as they think I am
did my taxes
made myself lunch (sort of, I put some fish sticks and a hamburger patty into a frying pan)
did yoga (45 minutes worth thank you very much)
wrote my morning pages
cleaned my room (this is a bigger task than it sounds, I COMPLETELY sorted everything in my closet, cleaned off my desk, everything, took me over 3 straight hours)
made dinner (mmm pizza)
did not one but TWO layouts
watched Braveheart (in English, woohoo!!)
called my aunt

and now i'm posting! Pretty impressive, huh? Well, now I'm really tired, all this productivity really wipes me out. I'm half-watching Rob Roy right now. It must be "Scuzball-English-soldiers-raping-Scottish-women" night on the movie channel. I'd never seen either Braveheart or Rob Roy before, but that seems to be pretty much the plotline. Disturbing, probably not something i should be watching right before going to bed. ANYWAY here's something slightly less dark: my layouts!

Everything for the first page is from Jen Wilson's kit "Growing." Fonts are tweed and Minion. The little bit of background paper you can see on the second page is also by Jen Wilson from her Sunlight kit. Font is Courier.

I was digging through my pictures looking for something to scrap and I found that one from inside the cathedral at Chartres. I'd forgotten how much I love this picture. Something about it just sends shivers up my spine. I hope that you can sense some of that when you look at it. I think the quote really fits well with the picture. At least I hope so, I spent almost half an hour searching for a good one. Anyway, I'm rambling, it's time for sleep.

Night all!


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