Saturday, March 18, 2006

Tired and cranky

...never a good state to blog in. But it's Saturday and I never blogged on Wednesday (I never promised that I would, mind you) and I know that you all must have missed me terribly! So, I am posting. Also, I'd like to explain some of the changes that I've spent literally all day making.

The side borders: or, if you're viewing this in firefox or internet explorer, side border. For some reason in those browsers it's only showing up on the left side, and in ie it's all squished up against the text. In safari, which is what I'm using, it's perfect. If anyone is good at css and would like to help me out here, that would be great. I just sort of pick this stuff up as I go along and a lot of it is trial and error, so feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment.

New font! Not so different, but I felt like changing it.

No navbar! It interfered with the background and didn't really match the new scheme.

New counter. Also didn't match the scheme, and it still doesn't. Oh well. Also, it's gone up by almost 100 today. Not because my blog has suddenly caught on fire, oh no. It's because it took me so frickin' long to figure out the background and I had to preview it with every change that I made.

So, those are the blog changes. I think I'm done changing the template for now, unless I decide to add a clock or a calendar or something else mildly entertaining like that. If you know of any cool things that would be neat on here, let me know.

Now why am I so cranky, I'm sure you want to know. Well, Will left today. Or I suppose it would be more accurate to say that I left Will at the airport. I haven't heard from him since around 3pm so I'm assuming everything is going smoothly. It was sad leaving him today, but my mom is coming to visit me in 3 weeks and I'll be done with Paris 6 weeks after that!! Holy toledo batman! That was a comforting thought and it definitely made it easier. We were really lucky weather-wise this week - no rain! It was a good week overall. Granted, there were a lot of little things that didn't really go according to plan, but overall it was good.

Par exemple: on Wednesday the plan was to go see The Producers, eat out, and then climb l'Arc de Triomphe. Wednesday was also the day that we had to switch hotels, so I had all my stuff with me when I went to the center to get my lunch money. When we went into the RER station to go to the hotel, I was walking down the stairs with my big duffel bag in front of me and thought I was at the bottom when I wasn't. I missed the last step and twisted my ankle a little bit. I'm fine now, no worries, but I had to ice it when we got to the hotel and I definitely wasn't in any condition to monter anything. So that was disappointing, definitely.

I made Will try escargot! We went to Chartier's, which is probably my favorite restaurant in Paris. It's this crazy, crazy place where it's so busy that the waiters just write your order on the tablecloth and have all the prices memorized. It was so packed and for some reason all of America had decided to come to Paris and sit at the table directly behind us, loudly talking about how at this restaurant one could have a true French dining experience. Sorry gals, hearing all of you babble on VERY loudly in English and completely butchering the French language did NOT help my French dining experience. Anyway, I ordered escargot and I made Will try half a one. He didn't like it, but I thought they were absolutely delish and can't wait to go back there with Mom.

Yes Mom, if Will can try the escargot, so can you.

Also during the week, I completely neglected my morning pages, my yoga, and my schoolwork, and I ate out just about every night. So now I'm tired, sluggish, behind on my work, and I feel like a cow.

And I spent all day working on my blog template.

Ah yes, back to that dang prioritizing again. I'm not very good at that, in case you haven't noticed.

Now somebody gimme some chocolate. I'm cranky.


Blogger Margie said...

I stopped by to see your blog from Shabby Princess. Glad to see you got the color columns on the sides. It looks good. I need to learn that too because it adds to the site! I think I will have to back track in your blog when I have some time and see what brought you to France-I am guessing school? Have a great day :)

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Lanne said...

YAY for you... I have had no luck.. in fact.. in trying to update my blog.. i ended up losing piles of stuff.. so now I have a half renovated blog...

I need a programmer...and some of that chocolate if you are able to find any! Hope he made it home safely.

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Kim Stowell said...

The font is kind of tiny for my old lady eyes but I like the borders -- nice color scheme too! Did you get to see The Producers? Curious to know if you liked it, etc.

11:32 PM  

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