Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This will be my last post

...because sadly, my head is about to explode from the praise I got from my photo teacher today. Ok just kidding, I'll keep posting, even if my brains are leaking out my ears. Class was pretty much awesome today. She liked the negs that I brought in, suggested I minor in art, take a drawing class, and continue developing my own work over the summer. She wants to work with me to make a portfolio because she thinks it's something I should have. I think she thinks I could actually have a future in something photography-related if I wanted to and if I put in the week. *cue happy dance* I was thrilled. I love photography and I love that class, but I never thought I could be good enough to do it professionally. Obviously I'm not there yet, I've got a LONG ways to go, but now that I'm learning how to develop my own prints a lot of new avenues have opened up that I might want to pursue. Anyway, it's just a thought.

Here's a layout I did tonight in PHOTOSHOP. I'm still so thrilled that I have it - especially since I know that it won't expire on me in a month. Background paper by Shabby Princess, fonts are Ariel and Pierre Tryout. Speaking of photoshop...I had an interesting conversation with one of my uncles a few minutes ago (the one that I had the chat with yesterday), and apparently there was some debate as to WHICH uncle I was referring to. When I told him that it was indeed him that I was talking about, this is the conversation that followed. I thought it was hilarious so I decided to post it. I've changed our screennames to "uncle" and "me."

uncle: I'm famous, he's not
me: but he's the one that sent me photoshop and i had that in the same post
uncle: anybody can send a copy of store bought software.
uncle: But sharing the latest technology is true kindness
me: haha i guess so
uncle: It's like a homemade birthday cake versus a McDonald's cake. Are you still with me here?
me: lol not really
me: does mcdonald's even make cake?
uncle: You've never had a Ronald McDonald cake?
me: no, never
uncle: I'll paste the image
uncle: hold on
*he sent me a picture of a cake with ronald mcdonald on it*
me: ok that's not a mcdonald's cake, that's a hannaford cake
uncle: Exactly. A store bought cake. Now what was I talking about?
uncle: Gotta go back to work.

So bizarre, but so hilarious at the same time. See, now you really are famous lol.

Ok, it's after midnight and I'm pretty tired, so I think I'm gonna go to bed now. Everybody's mission for tonight is to THINK SPRING!! It was sooooo cold here today. I won't tell you the actual degrees because everyone in New England will probably hate me for being a wimp. But trust me, it was cold, and I didn't like it. So everybody needs to concentrate really, really hard and hopefully that'll be enough to raise the temp here. You can even do a spring dance if you feel like it, I won't object.


Blogger TheGoodUncle said...

Now I'm even famouserer.


The Good Uncle

12:38 AM  
Blogger Margie said...

Ooh la la!! Tres bien!! Ha ha -that's the extent of my French!! Congratulations on your art work!! How exciting that your teacher recognizes your talent. Europe is great for photography too!!
Your uncles sounds too funny :)

7:48 AM  
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