Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday Morning

Ok, so it's not really morning, it's really closer to late afternoon. But we changed the clocks back today, so it feels a lot earlier than it actually. So I think I'm just gonna go ahead and call it morning, ok? Ok.

And a good morning it was! I didn't go to bed til 2 last night (or rather this you can see my temporal sense is not so great). I was planning on going to bed early because I was still pretty wiped from the night before when I stayed up and watched Rob Roy til almost 3. Don't ask my why I did that, because I can't explain it to you. It was a bad movie and I was exhausted and I was finished with my scrapping by the time the movie was about half over, so there was absolutely no point for me to be up that late. But I digress. Last night I had some people over for dinner and we made that amazing salad I told you about, except I forgot to buy the corn so it wasn't quite as amazing as last time. But it was still a pretty kick-butt salad. They left around 11:30 and I had every intention of going to bed. But somehow I picked up my Feb issue of CK (Creating Keepsakes, a scrapbooking magazine) and then before I knew it I was doing a scraplift and I didn't finish til 1:30. My problem is I still feel really creative even after I finish something, so I still have all these ideas floating around in my head. I just have to squash those ideas enough to go to sleep, but sometimes it's difficult. Hence, I didn't get to sleep til 2am.

This morning I woke up around 10, but it was actually 11. One of my friends told me today that all you guys in the US don't change the clocks til next week. Is that true? That's kind of silly. Well, I changed my clocks and then decided that no matter what time it was, I was NOT going to lose my morning. So I went downstairs and made myself a pancake breakfast. And then I made a page about it! So here's that page, and the page I did last night. The Vienna Zoo page is a blatant scraplift and I think it's just ok. I really need to work on multiple photo layouts, because if you scroll through the layouts I've posted here, ALL of them only have one photo. I'm not totally satisfied with the layout, but I like the pictures and I was glad to finally do something with them.

Everything on the "Taste of Home" page is by Shabby Princess. Fonts are Garamond Light and CK Cursive. Wild Things: papers by Jen Wilson, Ams Digi Scraps, Gina Miller, Sandra Boddington, and Theresa Hernandez Fonts are ebola and marker felt. Flower by Jen Wilson, paper flower by Theresa Hernandez.

The whole time I was scrapping this morning I had the same CD on repeat, a CD I discovered the day before yesterday and one that you should definitely check out. The artist is KT Tunstall. I'm not sure if they're playing her stuff in the US yet, but if they are and you're already sick of her, just disregard this. I was watching the French version of MTV the other day and they played a video of one of her songs, "Suddenly I See." I had the song downloaded within 2 minutes and I've been playing it on repeat ever since. Download it! Another good song is "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree." Get the radio version of that one. Those are the two most upbeat songs on the CD; everything else is a little mellower.

Wanna hear something exciting? Today is the first Sunday in, hmm, 3 weeks, maybe 4, and I DON'T have to go out and do my photo assignment! Woohoo! I actually went out and did it yesterday. I don't think my pictures will be very inspired. Our teacher sent us to a bunch of passages where there are stores. All the passages are fairly narrow and there were a lot of people. I HATE taking pictures of people. They're so unpredicable and they can totally make or break your photo. I prefer to get 'em out of there and take my time with the shots, but that wasn't possible. I guess I'll find out on Tuesday.

It is now almost 4 and I have not showered or changed out of my fleece pants, so I really should do that. And guess what, by the time I get ready for the day and read through all the blogs that I stalk daily (see my blogroll), it'll be time to start making dinner! Haha. It's such a hard life being a college student, n'est-ce pas?

Oui, bien sûr.


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