Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thankful Thursday

It's that time again! I missed it last week because I was lazy and also because I had a lot of stuff to take care of before the weekend en Provence. But I did it this week! This week's theme is spring. It's approaching...or rather, it's trying really, really hard to approach. Somehow winter keeps bludgeoning spring away. It's kind of irritating, really. One day it'll be gorgeous, the next I'll leave the house bundled up in my winter coat and scarf. But the important thing is that it's almost spring weather. Hopefully it'll be warm for when Mom's here.

I don't really remember what I used for fonts and stuff. If you have a burning desire to know what my supplies were, email me or leave a comment.

And speaking of! I am so thrilled that so many people have responded to my call for affirmations. Even people that I don't know. It's really touching, seriously. Even though there aren't a whole lot of comments posted here, I've had people email or message me wishing me well and saying that they're keeping me in their thoughts. Thank you!! My resume and cover letter got sent on their merry way today. I think they'll do just fine. But I will keep you all posted, no worries.

Well that's about it for me tonight. I don't really have anything else interesting to talk about because I was in class all day today. Oh, yes, I know what else...I'M ON VACATION NOW! Wanna hear something really funny? Of course you do. When my host parents came home tonight, they asked how my day was. I said that it was really good because my vacation started after my last class today. My host dad gave me a quizzical look and said, "This whole year is a vacation for you."


It's funny cause it's true.

I'm going to sleep now.


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