Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ponytail envy

Yes, I admit it, I have ponytail envy. I actually have my hair up in a ponytail right now, but it's kind of pathetic. I had to use 7 bobbypins just to hold all the hair back. And it hardly counts as a ponytail, because a ponytail is supposed to drape. Mine just sticks straight out of the elastic band, and it doesn't move. Not at all. If I shake my head to try and get it to move, it just looks like one of those little ridiculous dogs whose whole backend wags when they try to wag their tail. I'm working on growing my hair out...I'm hoping to have a bit more of a ponytail by the time I come home for the summer. And that's only 34 days away, can you believe it? Wow.

I scrapped today! I have to say, I'm getting a little irritated with Photoshop. For some reason, it super-saturates whatever I have open. Or maybe my computer is dying and the colors are dim in everything except Photoshop. But it's really a pain, because I'll do a layout or do some color correction on a photo or something like that and then as soon as I open it in the finder or another program, it's all washed out. Anybody know what's going on?

Anyway, here's the page I did this morning. Kraft paper by Sara Carling, stitches by Gina Miller. Font is Plantagenet Cherokee.

I also went out and shot for about 2 hours. A lot of it was documentary type photos - the restaurants where I eat, the view from my metro, different signs near my house, etc. I also went up to La Defense and took a bunch of shots there. Here are some of my favorites. Some of them are blatant rip-offs from stuff Mom did last week. Thanks, Mom.

20060418102 2006041828

2006041890 2006041847

2006041897 2006041832

2006041867 20060418107

I think the lil froggie is my favorite. He's sitting in the mouth of a bigger frog. Sooo cute. Also, I realize that the multicolored fountain thing is totally blown out - I like it that way. Anyway, tomorrow I'll be gone all day and it's rather doubtful I'll post tomorrow night. I will be shopping and shooting all day and I am SO excited. It's an extended artist's date, really. I think my train gets back into Paris around 10pm, so I won't be back home til almost 11. Yeah, I don't think I'll be blogging tomorrow.

Just so you know, this is totally unlike me. The whole daytrip thing, I mean. I usually wouldn't even dream of doing something like this alone, but it's good for me to step outside of my comfort zone. Hopefully I'll come back with some cool shots. I think I'm bringing both cameras and my tripod - I have the time, why not be patient and set up the shots? So beans. When was the last time you heard someone use that phrase? I bet it was a long time ago. I'm sorry, I'm rambling. I'm hungry. My host dad just informed me that he's going to pick up my host mom from work and then they're going to go food shopping, so I'm on my own for dinner. That's good on 2 counts. One, I don't have to eat endive salad, and two, there will actually be food in the house. And they're buying me avocados!! Yay! I think I might have told him to buy me a couple of lawyers instead of a couple of avocados...I'm still not sure about the pronunciation difference between those two words. Anywhoo, I'm gonna go find something to eat. Maybe the rest of the pancakes I made this morning...I was going to save them for tomorrow, but I can hear them calling my name from down in the fridge.

I must answer the call.


Anonymous Jeff (as in Uncle) said...

Hi Alexis,

You wrote:

"But it's really a pain, because I'll do a layout or do some color correction on a photo or something like that and then as soon as I open it in the finder or another program, it's all washed out. Anybody know what's going on?"

Welcome to the world of color correction. It's one of those things where it might help to work backwards. In other words, you need to decide how the image is going to be used. For example, when I do a kitchen shoot, I will keep multiple copies of the same image converted to different color modes; i.e., Adobe RGB (1998) for photo printing to my Epson, CMYK if the image is headed for use in a magazine, etc.

I'm not sure what color modes the other programs are using, but obviously different than what you've saved it as in Photoshop (therefore, the other program converts it to its native color mode).

Hope this helps, or at least heads you in the right direction!


11:42 PM  
Blogger Paula Sealey said...

Wow! Fantastic photographs!

5:56 PM  

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