Saturday, January 28, 2006

I heart online shopping

They just make it so darned easy for you to get your money into their pockets! Not that I'm complaining - I'm a BIG fan of any system that allows me to do my shopping while sitting on my butt, that does not involve going outside, and that gets me books written in my native language. I bought a book on yesterday. It's called "The Artist's Way" and it's written by Julia Cameron. It's supposed to be this super-inspirational, 12 week course that will help you get over your issues and get on with the business of being creative. I've seen so many amazing reviews of it and it was only $10. How could I resist? Who knows when that'll get here - I didn't want to pay extra for the expedited international shipping, so it could get here anytime between 2 and a half weeks from now and mid-March. I'm really not in any rush. My Dover clipart books should be here next week, so that'll give me something to play with until this other book comes.

I actually did venture outside and do some real shopping yesterday. I was badly in need of a bag for my school books and I found one at the La Defense mall for only 18 euro. I might get around to posting pics today or tomorrow. Right now I have a pretty bad headache, so it probably won't be too soon.

On a totally unrelated note, here is a link that you must visit:

You HAVE to go to this site! They have pictures of little fuzzy baby animals that are so freakin' cute it'll just make your head explode, and witty commentary to boot. Check it out.


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