Sunday, January 15, 2006

Tiger, tiger

So, I went to the zoo with Will yesterday. I didn't that that many pictures because it was SO cold. The afternoon was spent dashing from enclosure to enclosure and praying that my fingers wouldn't fall off while they were out of my gloves. I ended up with about 50 shots, and then deleted all but six. This one of the tiger is my favorite.

Ooh, I have another picture to post. This one clearly was not taken at the zoo. This was my Christmas present from Will! It's a non-engagement ring. Just to be clear. Isn't it pretty? Something shiny...hehe.

Playing with the tiger picture in photoshop has put me in a much better mood than I was in when I posted earlier today. I think I might have been spending too much time on the computer, though. This week I've been spending a LOT more time designing kits and fixing photos than I usually do and I think it's making me headache-y. That's not good, especially since I'll have several hours to kill tonight before I go to Will's hockey game, and I was planning on spending it working on my lastest kit. I'm really happy with the way this one is coming out. I actually got the inspiration from an area rug. I really liked the color scheme, so I borrowed it. I was working on a piece of stripey paper when I realized that the color scheme is almost identical to a Burberry scarf. And the name for the kit was born: London Town. I think it's cute, I guess we'll see how it looks when I post it here!


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