Sunday, January 15, 2006


Grrr. That about covers my mood right now. Now why is she in such a bad mood, you might be asking yourself? She's in Europe, living the good life and playing with photoshop! Well, that's part of the problem. I don't have photoshop, I have photoshop ELEMENTS. big difference. As I'm getting more into designing, I'm finding more and more things that would be SO much easier to do with CS2, or that I flat out CAN'T do with elements. Now, you're probably thinking that the reason I can't have PSCS2 is because of the cost. Actually, that's not it, not completely. Yes, it is expensive, but if I saved up I could buy it with a student discount within a couple months, probably. But there's a catch. Even if I bought it, I couldn't use it, because I currently have what I affectionately refer to as "the little laptop that could." I have a G3 ibook...the little baby one. It's a great computer, don't get me wrong, but I've had it for 4 years and it's getting old. On top of that, it just won't support the full version of photoshop. I think my poor little computer would have an e-stroke if I fired up the trial version of CS2 that's been sitting on my desktop for about a week. I think I have to delete it and stop tempting myself. So, bottom line is, CS2 would cost me over $2,000. I've decided that when I buy a new laptop, I'm going big. I currently have my eye on a 17-in refurbished powerbook. *cue drooling* but they're so expensive!! and then the software...ugh. With that said, I would like to announce the creation of the "Buy Alexis a Laptop" fund that is currently open and accepting donations...haha I wish. Just kidding. Unless you really do want to buy me a laptop. lol.

In addition to all this computer stuff, I really don't want to go back to France. I had a fantastic 2 weeks in the states with my family and then went to Germany to spend almost 2 weeks with Will, my boyfriend. On Tuesday I fly back to Paris and he flies to NY to go back to school. He'd like to come and visit me for spring break in March, which would be really awesome, but flights are SO expensive. We'll see, I guess. It would really be great because otherwise I won't see him til June. Even if he can't visit me, I'll still get to see my mom in April, and hopefully my aunt. We're going to have a grand old time eating escargots and drinking wine. That's if I can persuade my mom to even try one. They're really good, I swear! But anyway, I really don't feel like going back to France. First semester was enjoyable but I don't feel the need to extend my stay by another 5 months. France is a nice place to visit but I definitely don't want to live there once my junior year is over. I'm too much of a homebody and I love America too much to ever live anywhere else.

On that note, I must be going. Now that vacation is just about over I should be able to update the blog more often, so keep checking back! God bless the USA! Can't wait to be back there!


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