Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Retail's good for what ails ya

Today I am in a much better mood, I am glad to say. I think that the bulk of my hysteria yesterday was a direct result of

a) saying goodbye to Will
b) getting up at 5am to catch my flight
c) airport stress

Now that I've slept for almost 11 hours, I feel much better. I still miss everybody, but I think I'll be ok here for the semester. With better weather and a good night's sleep, Paris doesn't seem quite so bad as it did yesterday. Plus, all the stores are having SALES! It's not the same as it is in the states. There, stores have sales all the time. End of season, semi-annual, after every major holiday, etc. In Paris, sales only happen twice a year, and every single store in the city is on sale at those times. And I just happend to come back right in the middle of one of them. It runs til the end of the first week in February, thereabouts, and most stuff is between 30-50% off. Nice. Of course, I can't really justify buying anything, seeing as I dropped $160 at Ann Taylor when I was in Philly. But you know what I do need?

A bag.

Right now I'm using a $14 street vendor bag that I bought the first week I was in Paris last semester. Considering that it's a knockoff, it's held up remarkably well. The thing is, it's light pink. Well, it used to be. Now it's just dirty. It's pretty filthy, actually, and it's pretty much beyond all help. But that's ok, because I can buy a nice, new bag for pretty cheap. Retail therapy does wonders for the soul.

After I go shopping it'll be time to study for my exam. My final exam for a class I took first semester is tomorrow morning at 9. It really makes no sense, and it basically counts for my entire grade for the course. Fortunately, the professor loves us (me and my friend who is also taking the course), and when the exam is over it goes through our director's magical grade converter. I got my grades for all my other classes this morning (A's all around, heck ya), so I can totally bomb this exam and it really won't affect my GPA at all. I don't think I'll bomb it, though, no worries. Anyway, I'm off to hit the shops now. If i find a wonderful Parisian bag I will post a pic tonight.

Later dudes.


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